Creative Branding Award Winner

This sparkling rosè from Alvi’s Drift Wines International has recently walked away with the laurels at the UPM Raflatac's Wine & Spirit Labels of Excellence Awards in the category Creative Branding for innovative design.

Getting there was not an easy process. According to Mr Linely Schultz, director of Alvi’s Drift Wines International, it was a process of evolution with many a return to the drawing board. The process began with a list of possible names that Schultz had thought out for wine. Alvi van der Merwe, managing director at Alvi’s Drift, immediately chose the name "Naughty Girl".
From there the original concept of a square label sporting a 1970s girl with a funkadelic afro and a whole lot of flower power evolved into a sillouette inclusive of a wider cultural base of the target market.

According to Schultz the goal was to create a brand which would resonate with the female consumer who is looking for a fun product. Research by way of a focus group found that the target consumer, while not wanting to spend too much on the product , also wanted a product that looked upmarket ?a "cheap" loko was out of the question.

Local graphic design company NT Designs was called upon to bring the design together and do the finishing work to give it a more polished look.

It was decided that the primary colour had to be pink, with an emphasis on subtlety. Other key elements that brought the packaging design together include the silver foil on the neck and the bode label, the frills around the body label and the logo on the neck label which features a crown and laurel. The high bold bright pink “rose?matches the pink of the silhouette’s skirt, giving it a fun but upmarket feel with polka dots on the capsule.

These elements bring an expensive feel without looking kitsch add a sense of femininity, provenance and flirtatious fun to the product.

Ms Naomi Theron of NT Designs says attention to detail was extremely important to ensure balance in the weight of the design so that consumers feel comfortable when looking at the bottle. She adds that, if the packaging grabs the attention of potential consumers, it prompts them to pay attention to the content. Elzabè Morkel, chief executive officer of Worcester Wine Route, says they are extremely proud of Naughty Girl’s achievement ?a first in history.

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